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Step into the next generation of payments with Finrails AP.

Is your accounts payable department overwhelmed with manual processes and paper? Meet Finrails AP. Finrails AP is an online dashboard that automates business to business payments for companies of any size to pay their vendors in a secure and seamless process.

SIMPLE PAYMENT UPLOAD – Upload your payments in a single file format as simple as an Excel spreadsheet. Or take advantage of Finrails’ compatibility with leading accounting and industry-specific software systems to create an end-to-end automated AP solution.

WE DEAL WITH YOUR VENDORS – Our Finrails customer service team will onboard your vendors into electronic payments. Finrails will then process the payment the way they want to be paid, whether it’s single-use virtual card, ACH, or, if they prefer, by paper check. We take on the printing and processing of checks, and the secure sending of ACH and card payments for you, freeing up your AP department to work on more strategic initiatives.

VISIBILITY INTO CASHFLOW – With our secure online dashboard, your executives can approve payments and sign checks electronically from anywhere at any time, providing visibility into outgoing cashflow to better manage expenses and forecasting.

BUILT-IN FRAUD PREVENTION – Fraud mitigation is included in Finrails with Positive Pay built right into our system. No more accessing a separate database to upload check issue files or confirm your approved transactions.

BACKED BY US – Backed by a trusted financial institution with an expertise in payments processing. We have the right controls in place for you to feel confident that your payments will be handled securely, efficiently, and accurately.

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FinRails AP is an award-winning platform that fully integrates and automates all B2B payment types including single-use virtual cards, ghost cards, ACH, and paper checks.

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