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CFO Leads Initiative to Automate Accounts Payable at Insurance Brokerage Firm

Tricia Pucek, CFO of The Horton Group, spearheaded her company’s move to automated payments just as COVID-19 sent everyone home.


In the early days of her role as Chief Financial Officer of The Horton Group, Tricia Pucek noticed that the company was still signing checks.

People would walk in my office, hand me a check to sign, and mail it out.

The process worked fine, but as time went on, it became more complex. Checks of a certain size needed two signatures. With multiple office locations and flexible work arrangements, it was a struggle to ensure that two check signers were in the office. That was Pucek’s first indication that her AP department needed something more automated that could be done from anywhere.

I didn’t want to be tied to always needing two people who are signers on an account to be physically in the office on any given day.

That’s how she arrived at the initiative to automate Accounts Payable. Pucek wanted a solution that wouldn’t require payments being physically printed, signed, or mailed out of the Horton office. That’s when the company was introduced to Finrails AP.


Finrails AP is an online platform that automates B2B payments in a secure and seamless process.

With the onset of COVID-19 and the stay-at-home order, The Horton Group didn’t have much time to prepare.

The implementation process was “SIMPLE” and a “NON-EVENT,” according to Pucek.

When our company made the decision to go fully remote, the accounting team didn’t have to lobby for an exception. We knew that everything we were able to do in the office, we were able to do remotely through Finrails.



One of the keys to success for Horton’s move to automation has been visibility. The Horton team has found the system easy to use with accurate reporting and timely status updates all in one place.


The time and money saved on printing and signing checks is valuable in itself. It also has the added benefit of creating a paper trail for reporting.


With the Finrails customer service team helping to onboard vendors into electronic payments, the implementation burden was reduced and the process was seamless.


The Finrails team was there for Horton every step of the way. If there was ever an issue, customer service was responsive with a phone call or email right away.

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